In the meantime…on Blogging

I should have a class of Research and Writing Skills this evening but it’s been cancelled. With a Squinty Eye wouldn’t exist without it, so in fitting tribute, I am posting this in lieu of a lesson.

Once upon a time I began a blog but my life and time got the better of me. I neglected it, I didn’t visit it often or feed it full of posts so one day, out of compassion, I put it out of its misery.

Having said that, I probably have even less time these days. My nine-to-five work has become increasingly busy in this age of more responsibility (read ‘work’) for less/the same wage and now I have degree course on my hands. This blog is part of that course, so at least I can structure my time accordingly and have a clearer focus this time around.

I realise that It’s not all writing either. There are quite a few WordPress sites out there! That’s a lot of reading but the blogs I have encountered so far are a great source of inspiration and motivation. I’m coming around to the notion of making time, rather than thinking that I have none!

So I’m hoping to take real good care of this blog and to paraphrase a great Irish writer, to lose one blog may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose both looks like carelessness so I intend to take much better care of this one.


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