In the dark again


© photo by With a Squinty Eye

I was back in the darkroom tonight to process my most recent black and white 35mm roll of film.

It’s been twenty years since I did this and time hasn’t been good to my memory!

Another thing that I don’t recall is the last occasion I had to wear goggles and an apron. I looked like a butcher about to pilot a Spitfire.

There were three groups working at the same time so it was easy to be slightly confused when some called “two minutes left!”, to realise it was nothing to do with you. Actually, there were times I was more than slightly confused but like everything, I know it will take practice and often teamwork. And I had a good team tonight for sure.

Though it felt like a slow, measured and scientific process compared to digital photography, I did get the sense that I was creating images rather than just taking them.

My roll of film is now hanging to dry until I collect them on Thursday. One concern is out of the way, there are images there to print!


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