A night with Kerbdog

Photo credit

Last night I got back from London where I travelled to see my friends Kerbdog perform to a sell-out crowd in the Garage. It’s been some years since I’ve seen them outside of Ireland and it was really quite something to see 700 people in London appreciate the band who to me, are just ‘the lads’! They are currently in the middle of a mini-tour ahead of the re-release of their two albums Kerbdog (1994) and On The Turn (1997).

© image by With a Squinty Eye

It was back in the ’90s when I toured the UK with Kerbdog, possibly around the release of On The Turn in fact. Last weekend was a great opportunity to meet up with some people who I haven’t seen in the fifteen years since. There had certainly been some ups and downs but with all of us standing in the same room, after a great gig with a drink in our hands, it felt like we were just picking up from where we had left off. We were in fact!


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