Slowing Down

© photo by With a Squinty Eye

Last night I was back in the darkroom with test strips and test prints. More strips than prints in fact. A slow process but not complicated, that felt frustrating at the start but again, in hindsight, rewarding.

In my view, generally, it can be so easy to take a decent photo with a digital camera notwithstanding the ‘tweaking’, and post-processing software. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “digital cameras are great. If you don’t like the shot, delete it and take it again.”

© photo by With a Squinty Eye

As I reflect and write, the most rewarding thing for me about last night, was in fact the most tedious aspect of last night i.e. the slow, deliberate procedure of testing which is the key to good prints.

Test strips are used to determine exposure and processing times and also contrast adjustments, and similar to what you might hear before a music gig, “sound checks are very boring but very necessary.”

I say ‘boring’ but that’s only as a result of having been used to quick return digital processing.

As with much in life, it’s good to slow down sometimes.

Measure twice, cut once.


2 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  1. Great post. Lesson learnt tonight was slow down & think about each step. Make a mistake to learn from it & then go forth to the next step of the process! Feel better than I did last night thanks to Hector’s wise words at the end 🙂

    • Agree. It’s easy to feel you should know enough too soon. We didn’t have to be there tonight but we were, so even our mistakes were valuable. More time at the weekend too. Perhaps the slower we are now, the faster we’ll become by ‘the end’, whatever ‘end’ that is.

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