Smartie Pants

We’re encouraged to experiment in college but it’s difficult when we’re working every day and in college most nights/weekends, just trying to do and finish what we’re supposed to do. It can feel like we have little time to veer off our prescribed course work.

Having said that, I am being exposed to many new ideas and processes so in a sense, I have been experimenting from the start.

© photo by With a Squinty Eye

The image above, taken on a digital camera (which now feels like a novelty!) is one occasion where I tried something different. I saw a similar photograph and tried to reproduce it. The photograph is of a bowl of smarties, seen through drops of water.

Since I have been using 35mm film and a darkroom for the past month or so, I was reminded of this image which took time to set up and left me with a pain in my back!

I filled a bowl with smarties, placed an empty cd cover on top and dropped a few beads of water onto a clear plastic cd cover. My camera, fixed to a tripod, was facing straight down onto the water drops. I don’t remember the settings I used although it was indoors with natural light and the focusing took a little time. I was stooped over the tripod for a while, hence the back pain!

The majority of the photos I have taken in the past required little, if any preparation in terms of set up, so this was different. As with using 35mm film and printing in a darkroom, there is always a payback to the groundwork. Plus it was nice to eat my subjects at the end!


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