There you go, Daguerreotype

[iPhone] Photo by With a Squinty Eye

During quite an uncivilised trip to London a few weeks ago, I left the beer behind and went to the Science Museum, London.

It’s been years since I was in there but I did remember how vast it is and easy it is to quickly side step any amount of amazing, significant exhibits without a second though, “Oh there’s the Apollo 10 landing capsule! Never mind that, here’s a Model T Ford!”. To savour everything takes days and not the hours I had.

I did pay particular attention to my two major interests, music and photography on this visit and of course, to the above Daguerreotype Whole Plate Camera from 1839.

Louis Daguerre was one of several experimenters who had tried to capture the images they produced and by the nineteenth century, many people were familiar with the ‘camera obscura‘.

The Daguerreotype pictured above was made by a toy maker named Alphonse Giroux and is from the first series made for sale. The majority of these cameras were bought for commercial portrait work or to produce entertaining views of various types.

I had heard of these cameras before and more recently from lecturers in my college and yes, I’ll never complain about having to carry a relatively small back pack and tripod again!


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