Postcard from 1952

‘Postcard from 1952’ is the last track on Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, the sixth studio album by the American band Explosions in the Sky.

I don’t have a favourite track by the band but notwithstanding the music, this video is definitely one of my favourites! It’s a great marriage of cinema and photography, both in content and concept.

Don’t scroll down yet! Before you click play, here’s the back story. Firstly, the music video was directed by Peter Simonite and Annie Gunn​. When Explosions in The Sky asked for a video for ‘Postcard From 1952’, Simonite and Gunn wanted to deliver a visual accompaniment that would match the emotion and crescendos within the song itself. The title of the track gave them an idea of showing slices of 1950a American life through re-created vintage photographs from that era.

Annie Gunn had access to large collection of such photographs and herself and Simonite decided to make a music video that would capture what happened before, during and after the photograph was take. The video was therefore based on actual, found photographs which blend together to take us back to the past, as babies grow to adulthood, just as if were looking through the family’s photo album.

They even employed long-burning flashbulbs from 60 years ago, the type of flashbulbs that would have been taken for the original photographs. The flashbulbs are especially effective given the slow speed of the video, which is really like a short movie. Explosions in The Sky produce very cinematic music so it was the perfect match.

Peter Simonite has helped to photograph films by Terrence Malick (including The Tree of Life) and has directed several music videos. Annie Gunn is a still photographer and this music video was her directing debut.

But with further ado, here is the video. Enjoy!

You can read an interview with Annie Gunn here.


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