‘Gospel Punk’ & Benjamin Booker


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The last time I was in my favourite, independent record store, Rollercoaster Records (self-proclaimed as “hi-fidelity on steroids, the happiest little record shop in the world”), I had a either a pocket full of money or an unredeemed voucher. I asked if there was anything ‘out there’ of recent notable interest and Rollercoaster came up trumps as usual.

Benjamin Booker’s debut E.P., ‘Waiting Ones‘ (not even 12 minutes long!) is a real find. Booker has been living in New Orleans, USA since April of this year though he was raised in Florida. He saved some money to fund his move to New Orleans and in those couple of weeks, he recorded five songs (‘Waiting Ones’ E.P.) on his sister’s laptop, playing just an old classical guitar.

The track that was played for me in Rollercoaster Records was ‘Have You Seen My Son?”. I’m an Americana/Alt. Country fan anyway with a penchant for anything retro so I’m sure it was only a matter of time before this came my way! Hope you enjoy it too!

“We fought all the way from Florida
Down I-10 to New Orleans
I said God must love everyone
Even the ones the church loves the least” – Benjamin Booker


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