We Were All Young Once

Photo source: With a Squinty Eye

The photo above is of my mother. I can barely even remember myself being that young and it’s pretty amazing to stop, think and imagine my mother at that age. I can look back into the future, through this image and see her as she was.

Not a very profound thought I know. Cameras record these kinds of fleeting moments and freeze scenes in time. We all know that. But even still…People who are not even born yet, will catch a glimpse of my mother long, long after she has gone.

Here’s another photo of my mother at an even younger age:

Photo source: With a Squinty Eye

After my Postcard from 1952 post, I can’t help but wonder what happened before and after the photograph was taken. I am quite sure the location was the south east coast of Ireland and I have probably stood close to the same spot myself.

Note to self: Telephone my mother more often….


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