“It’s beginning to look a lot like Bleakness ♫”

There was a ‘positive’ news announcement on Newstalk‘s website this morning:

“There is good news on the jobs front this morning.

Department store Heatons has announced its creating 250 temporary positions in the run up to Christmas.

The jobs will come on stream at the 52 stores of the company around the country.”

Wow, that’s 5 people per store taken off social welfare for 6 weeks, presumably working close to the minimum wage, before swiftly returning to the dole queue in January for the New Year.

Ok, very cynical of me. I have no doubt whatsoever that these 250 people will be extremely happy about the work but is the ‘good news on the job front’ headline warranted?

All stores, especially large retail department stores, hire extra staff for Christmas. It’s what’s known as ‘seasonal demand‘. Boots (Ireland) is also looking to fill 400 temporary positions, both full and part-time, at its stores throughout the country for the period.

It would be great to think that consumer demand, especially after this year’s budget due in a couple of weeks, will be high enough to necessitate these seasonal posts. The Department of Finance said today that unemployment will remain high in the coming years despite emigration.

The Celtic Tiger (ugh!) was a blip sandwiched in between two recessions and nothing before that in the history of the State gives me reason to think any differently. Ho Bleedin’ Ho!


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