How Low Can You Go?

Last weekend was an all time low for me. Already feeling the pressure of college, feeling like my output isn’t high enough and that deadlines aren’t going to be met, I lose the two rolls of film that I intended to use for my Visual Communication assignment.

I say ‘lost’ but unfortunately I knew where they were; poorly developed and fairly mangled in the processing room due to a problem with my camera and with me messing with them on the film processing reel. At this stage of the course (only at the end of Semester One I realise) it was a disaster! I know I caught some great images on the film too due to unforeseen circumstances. Ironic that they were lost in the same way.

A fly in the ointment indeed.

It’s happened to most of us in the class but it is a critical time at the moment and I have been struggling with work/college time pressures notwithstanding this set back. Those that were around me in the darkroom, busy with their own pressures were as ever, very sympathetic. I’ve a great bunch of class mates it has to be said. After the film loss, I couldn’t face the darkroom the next day. More lost time! Still, I shot another roll of film, albeit on a day with very poor light and started a written exercise I have to complete. I can’t look back and say I wasted the day I know. I’ve taken tomorrow and the next day off work, though I won’t have darkroom access.

The only thing I can do it keep on keepin’ on!

A ‘new week of little victories?’ someone said to me this morning. I sure hope so. I feel like I have a mountain to climb with a ticking clock in my ear.


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