Christmas Gifts You Didn’t Know You Wanted!

No I’m not ‘ready for Christmas’, nor am I unlikely to be. College is holding my life to ransom.

That said, I will have to buy presents and only wish that the Japanese ‘Don Quijote‘ chain of discount stores could make it to Ireland in time!

Feast your eyes on this goodies!

All images by Lost in Translation

Safer than using Christmas tree pine needles and how about giving Gran a stud in her nose after she’s tucked into the sherry?

With the recent Irish Budget, cutbacks and property taxes on the way, these Happy Warmmys might come in handy for the Winter evenings! A blanket/dressing gown and with two ‘m’s in the name, you know it means business! Mmmmm!

Don’t tell me you’ve never had a dusty mouth? It’s a must for every Yuletide Season medicine cabinet!

Introducing the Face Supporter! Wouldn’t it be nice to have your face propped up after gorging yourself on Christmas treats?

‘Don’t you want to make your eyes bigger?’ Course you do! More surface area for those television rays and a great way to feign surprise and delight at your new stash of bargain toiletries and socks!

Most of us feel guilty about our over-indulgence through the festive period. Gyms are always packed for the first weeks of any New Year, as we realise that we could do with shedding a little weight! And what’s the first thing we notice? Our podgy little fingers of course! Save on your gym membership fees, get yourself a tube of Diet Finger Cream instead and slip back into those gloves you wished you could wear!

Rodentphiles might enjoy this hairy mouthed Minnie Mouse! The mind boggles….

Surprise your loved one on Christmas morning à la The Godfather!

I hope this inspires you for that last minute gift shopping expedition! I’ve got to go now…Delivery times from Japan and all that!


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