Christmas Eve Can Kill You

I’m lacking in Christmas Spirit at the moment and quite oblivious to it all!

This year, I will be having a very quiet holiday which I am really looking forward to; time away from work and college is foremost on my mind!

I’m remaining in Dublin for the holiday and not going to my hometown for the first time ever. It will be strange, a change but a welcome one this year.

There will be certain nights I’ll miss in my hometown and Christmas Eve will be one of them. It’s always been great night to catch up with friends, especially those who have returned home for the holiday and the bar I go to always has a great atmosphere. Almost every year, someone goes straight to the bar after last minute shopping to wake up Christmas morning without their shopping bags!

This year I won’t wake up ‘at home’ on Christmas morning in my old bedroom. I think I’ll even forego the traditional turkey on Christmas Day, when I’ll be making dinner for my wife and I. Having said that, I think I might pop out for a little tipple on Christmas Eve but aim to be as fresh as a daisy the following morning!

Here’s a a little ditty, Christmas Eve Can Kill You, delivered by the amazing Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy duetting with Dawn McCarthy, as a warm-up to their forthcoming 2013 album paying tribute to the Everly Brothers who recorded the original version.


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