“More than a Photo, but not quite a Video”

I’ve created animated GIFs in the past as part of web design work but some time ago, I came across another type of moving image. These are different in that they make use of high quality photographs and are appropriately named Cinemagraphs.

As with most GIF animation, cinemagraphs are created with still images and include areas that subtly move. It’s a far cry from old, clunky clip art animated gifs!

“more than a photo, but not quite a video.” – Coco Rocha

Time allowing, I am definitely going to give cinemagraphs this a try once I put away 35mm film for a while. I think I feel starved of technology these days, so this might be why I find these images so appealing at the moment.

Since I wrote the last paragraph, I had a quick attempt using my iPhone but it doesn’t really do it justice. Cinemagraphs are typically produced by taking a series of photographs or a video recording,  and then compositing the shots or frames into a loop. Don’t worry, there are better examples below!

My Cinemagraph Quickie!

Cinemegraphs are not to everyone’s liking I know; but what is? Notwithstanding the subjectivity, not every image lends itself to this technique and even then, some will be more effective than others. You will probably come to the same conclusion when looking through the examples below.

It’s a process that will no doubt become used in the same way that many people went HDR photography crazy and more specifically, with badly executed HDR images.

Here are some examples of cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck to whom credit goes. Open a window and feel the breeze!



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