A Few Words from Corbijn

                                    Anton Corbijn

Photo Credit

I love Anton Corbijn’s photography, his video direction, his musical taste and pretty much everything else in between. I’ve posted these quotes as they provide food for thought and are as much advice as anything else.

“… yes, I’ve become a little more professional—which I don’t really want to be but I can’t help it at some point.”

“I don’t crop my images and I always shoot handheld. By doing that I build in a kind of imperfection and this helps to emphasize reality.”

“My biggest fear always is that I’ll photograph an idea rather than a person, so I try to be quite sensitive to how people are.”

“I’m a very, very basic photographer. The main strength of my pictures, I guess, is the mood and feel I get out of the people that I meet. But technically I don’t think I’m very advanced. That never interested me.”

“Photography has taken me from isolation.”

“I work using the Brian Eno school of thinking: limit your tools, focus on one thing and just make it work… You become very inventive with the restrictions you give yourself.”


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