The Day After…Some Fool’s Mess

Yesterday evening I submitted my Visual Diary and Visual Communication Project to my college lecturers. I really don’t know what they’ll think of both or whether I’ve made the grade (literally)! It’s hard to believe that the first semester is now over and with finishing my 9-5 job today, I can spend the holidays however I please!

Anyway, I’m in a celebratory mood since my evenings back to being my own until Semester Two begins in late January. There are two exams to get through between then and now and while I made plenty of mistakes in the Darkroom, I can’t afford to make too many in the exams!

I’ll have some studying to do in the New Year but until then, I’ll take it easy. There are a few photography books that I have for my course and never really got around to reading them properly so the Christmas holidays will be a good catch up time.

Some Fools Mess | Photo by me!

Here’s my own song of the day song by a band that meant a lot to me in 1991 (and still do, of course), Gallon Drunk. I think 2007 was the last time I met them when the played in Dublin.

I’m in this kind of mood and looking forward to a night out with my classmates tonight!


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