Waits/Corbijn ‘77-’11

OK…how many of my favourite things in this post? Tom Waits, Anton Corbijn, Jim Jarmusch, photographs, a book, music….

Tom Waits and Anton Corbijn have announced that they will be joining forces on a new photographic book (WAITS/CORBIJN ‘77-‘11). The book, however, is a collector’s edition limited to 6,600 copies and is scheduled for May 8th 2013.

This coffee table book features over 200 pages of Waits’ portraits taken by Corbijn over the past 40 years and also includes over 50 pages of the first published collection of photographs taken by Tom Waits himself. The linen bound book has introductions written by film director Jim Jarmusch, and music critic Robert Christgau.

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“Anton picks up a small black box, points it at you and all the leaves fall from the trees. The shadows now are long and scary, the house looks completely abandoned and I look like a handsome… undertaker. I love working with Anton, he’s someone with a real point of view. Believe me, I won’t go jumping off rocks wearing only a Dracula cape for just anyone,” – Tom Waits.

“It’s rare to take photographs of someone over a 30+ year period. Our work together developed totally organically and that’s a beauty in itself. We are very serious about our work but when it comes to working together, we’re like children resisting maturity. It’s liberating and a much needed legal drug.”Anton Corbijn


Waits/Corbijn ’77-‘11
Photographs by Anton Corbijn
Curiosities by Tom Waits
Texts by Jim Jarmusch and Robert Christgau
Limited edition of 6.600 w/slipcase
272 pages, 226 color and duotone plates
ISBN 978-3-8296-0555-7


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