About Me

My name is Anthony and I have a squinty eye. But don’t feel sorry for me. It’s mainly when I am behind my camera or being inquisitive or even cynical.

I’m now back at college again as a mature student but luckily, I am studying something I love. Photography: Me and my squinty eye.

Music is my other big love. I studied that too until I picked up a guitar and a copy of ‘Talking to the Taxman About Poetry’ by Billy Bragg, at which point my perspective changed.

The album’s topics move from fierce politics to love and pubs and features Johnny Marr on guitar and Kirsty MacColl on backing vocals. The title intrigued me, the lyrics made me think and more importantly, the album confused, if slightly annoyed my parents. I didn’t just buy the album, I bought into it and ‘got it’.

Having moved from England a few years earlier, the anti-Thatcherite sentiments echoed my Dad, who swore at the news or from behind a newspaper. It was urban-folk, gritty and real, delivered in Bragg’s own thick ‘real’ accent. That said, his reputation as an anti-Thatcher lefty with a nasally Essex accent overshadows the album’s best songs. They have nothing to do with overt politics but instead focus on the human condition. It’s kitchen sink realism delivered by a keen observer of life. From that album onwards, Stephen William Bragg informed me musically and politically.

I’m now expecting further changes to perspectives and
positive life changes as I return to third-level study.

A lens, pens and new friends.


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